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Parlor X 'Gansett Custom Skis

Parlor X 'Gansett Custom Skis

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'Gansett has partnered with Parlor Custom Skis in Boston to bring you a one of a kind ski buying experience. We've purchased our own pairs and use them every year on our favorite New England slopes. Working with Parlor is a fun and educational experience that leaves you with a pair of skis that are hand made and crafted specifically for you.

What really sets Parlor apart from their competitors is their fitting process.  Their true passion is matching the perfect ski to the way you love to hit the mountains. Height, weight, and ability is only half of the battle, and that’s where most other companies stop. Parlor actually takes the time to hit the slopes with you, learn how you like to ski, your favorite runs, and your personal style. They help you realize what you’re looking for in a ski and they build it ground up for you. And if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, they’ll start over from scratch or refund your 100%. That’s a serious guarantee.

Mark from Parlor told us that, “at the end of the day this is really about creating high quality products. We do it this way that is more expensive for us and slower because it’s the right way to make really high quality products for people.”

When you purchase a pair of skis we'll put you directly in touch with a team at Parlor that is going to work with you to fit and build your skis. As each pair is custom and made to order it takes about 2-4 weeks to receive the finished pair.

Want to do a bit more research? Check out and reach out to them directly. They'll get you all you need to know!

We recently sat down with Mark from Parlor to talk about their process, their history, and what it takes to produce the best skis you'll ever use. Check it out below!

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