Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With The Irish Neighbor

St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, March 17th and we’re making half and half’s the Rhody way. We’re calling it the Irish Neighbor. Pour a standard shaker pint halfway way with ‘Gansett and top it off with half of Revival Brewing’s Dry Irish Stout. Two of Rhody’s finest award winning brews together in one celebratory drink for St. Patrick’s Day. We did this with brewmaster Sean Larkin using our Bock. The green tall boy of the Bock matches perfectly with the theme of this holiday and Revival brews an excellent traditional Irish Stout poured on nitro so it floats on top. The smooth creaminess of the stout pairs perfectly with the spicy hop note in the Bock. Mmm… this is one delightful treat. If you don’t have Bock, then you can use the Famous Narragansett Lager as well. Try it this weekend and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Neighbor.

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