Imperial India Pale Ale

To celebrate 'Gansett's storied 122 years in business, the Imperial IPA was released in December of 2012 and only available for a limited time. Released in a 22-ounce bomber bottle, the IPA is chock-full of references to Narragansett's anniversary. The label is styled after an early Private Stock Ale label used by the company when they began brewing ales in the late 1890s, which underscores 'Gansett's heritage as one of the original craft brewers in New England.

Narragansett Imperial IPA is crafted with the best of American and German ingredients. 'Gansett uses American 2-row pale malt as the base for this beer, and German Specialty malts to build the back bone and flavor profile. The combination of quality German and American ingredients embodies the great history and legacy of the brand's story...Six German immigrants living the American dream by building a New England brewing empire.

Summit hops are used for all the kettle hopping, and then 'Gansett uses a mix of Northern Brewers, Hallertau, Tettanager, and Sazz hops at a rate of 2 lb.'s per bbl for the dry hopping. This Imperial IPA weighs in at 8.6 percent ABV with a target of 122 IBU's to reflect the age of 'Gansett as a company in 2012.

Narragansett Imperial IPA is brewed at Buzzards Bay Brewery under the supervision of award-winning Brewmaster Sean Larkin (also of Trinity Brewhouse & Revival Brewing in Providence).