Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Hi Neighbor,

Nothing means more to us than being a good neighbor and helping those in need. A big part of our job here at ‘Gansett is to look after the small businesses and their employees that make up our world. For us, we work with a lot of bars, restaurants, and shops – most of which are small, family owned businesses who are gravely affected by this outbreak.

Right now, a lot of our friends in the service industry are struggling. Many of your neighbors are jumping at the chance to help them out by creating fundraisers and donating funds and services in their time of need. Below you will find a collection of these fundraisers. If you’re able to help, please consider it. If you have any additional information or fundraising campaigns that you think would be helpful for the community to see, please do not hesitate to send an email to to share them!

Yes, this is a scary time for a lot of us, but we’ll get through this together by being kind, generous, understanding, and willing to help.

Thanks for being a good neighbor,
Narragansett Beer

Community Fundraisers