2015 ‘Gansett Girl Calendar

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It’s that magical time of year again – the sea breeze, sundresses, sand between your toes, and your favorite ‘Gansett on the beach. These are all the signs that we need to get started on the 2015 Hi Neighbor Calendar featuring the lovely ‘Gansett Girls!

Below are this year’s contenders. The top 18 will head to Suite Tart and Providence Pin-up for their chance to be one of the final 12 months in 2015’s Hi Neighbor Calendar!

You get one vote per contestant per calendar day. However, you can vote for as many different contestants as you please!

*Contestant winner are both required to get themselves to Providence, RI for the Hi Neighbor Calendar photoshoot, and be on hand for a series of Hi Neighbor Calendar events.

**Contestants who have appeared in a previous ‘Gansett Calendar are not eligible for the contest and will be removed from the voting.

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