Name: Allison
Nickname: Alli, Stormy, Wonder Woman
Hometown: Boston
High School: Boston Latin Academy
College: Berklee College of Music under grad, Framingham State Master’s
Hair Color: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’4
Favorite Gansett:  Lager
Favorite Gansett Bar:  Townsends, Hyde Park
Likes:  I love playing with my blues/ rock band named “The Swells”, playing alto and tenor saxophone, singing, rockin’ n rolling, belly dancing and working for the labor movement.
Dislikes: Laugh tracks, mediocrity, traffic, red tape, chick flicks, incompetence and sweets


on Allison.
  1. Jay

    An awesome girl and a great beer – perfect combo to rock out with!

  2. Erin "Dirty" Laundry

    Best Gansett Girl EVER! Rock’n’roll baby!

  3. josh

    This girl looks great, and sounds even better! Y’all need to see her do her thing on stage!

  4. colin

    rock out with your clock out! the swells jam and alli kicks arse!

  5. D

    This girl rocks!!! If you haven’t seen the band, you’re missing out!!!

  6. Matt

    keep on rockin’ it, Stormy!

  7. |

    Awesome picture!!! She’s also amazing on stage!

  8. rob allen

    Could you ask for a better Gansett Girl!!! Pass me that six pack…

  9. Crashgal

    Sexy Girl, Saxy Girl, Savvy Girl, Gansett Girl – what more could you ask for: Sexy, Saxy, Savy and Gansett!

  10. Cousin Johnny

    Alli! (Hey, hey! Hey! Play “Freebird!”)

    The Swells + ‘Gansett = One Hell of a Good Time

    It’s true! Check the math!

  11. Jim

    Look at them gams! Owwww! She’ll rock your face off!

  12. e-rock

    Hotness!!! Chicks that rock!!! My favorite.

  13. Marti

    Foxy Lady!!! Keep rockin’

  14. Colorado Stephen

    We gotta get The Swells and Gansett beer out here in Colorado!

  15. rob allen

    Bring Stormy and the Swells down to Old Cape Cod, and we’ll raise a few!!!

  16. Eamonn Malone

    Kick ass beer, kick ass band..and of course..Kick Ass Wonder-Woman!

  17. Sharyn

    You go Girl!

  18. Union Strong

    I love Gansett, rock n roll, union girls! Sah-weeeet!

  19. bd

    You rock girl. Great person,great beer and a great band. A win, win, win.

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