Rhode Islanders Win The Amazing Race

The hit CBS show THE AMAZING RACE keeps viewers on the edge of their seats every Sunday night. Rhode Islanders had an even bigger reason...

Rhode Islanders Win The Amazing Race

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The hit CBS show THE AMAZING RACE keeps viewers on the edge of their seats every Sunday night. Rhode Islanders had an even bigger reason to tune in since two of the top teams were from here. Rooting for the home team as good New Englanders do, last night was the most intense. The brothers, Dan and Jordan Pious, from Barrington took the lead in San Francisco winning $1 million. Here's the CBS News story on the race's recap.

Brothers Dan and Jordan Pious swindled their way to the top and took home the million dollar grand prize on Sunday night's season finale of "The Amazing Race."

Despite starting off almost four hours behind, the sibling duo from Rhode Island were able to surpass the two other teams by pulling some rather unsportsman-like moves.

While on their way to San Francisco from Shanghai, Jordan and Dan arrived last to the airport but sneaked ahead by cutting in front of cowboys Jet and Cord in line at the ticket counter. Later, they found themselves in the number one spot after Dan asked the flight attendant to move them up to first class, which allowed them to be first off the plane.

Models Caite and Brent were the second team to get off the plane, but later fell behind after struggling with cab problems while en route to the Presidio, the second destination. Jet and Cord whizzed by them and quickly deciphered the riddle they found, which directed them to Coit Tower.

The clue at Coit Tower was a roadblock, and had one member of each team complete a vertical climb to the tower's archway to receive the third clue. Dan got the clue right when Jet and Cord arrived to the scene, while Caite and Brent were in a distant third and just got a hold of the riddle.

The next clue asked them to find the Yoda Fountain at Lucasfilm Ltd. The teams had to navigate a virtual world, with one partner suited up in a motion capture suit searching for the clue while the other was behind a computer giving directions.

When Jet and Cord arrived, they tried to distract the other set of brothers by being loud and obnoxious, which initially frustrated Dan. But, Dan and Jordan were able to pull through and eventually find the third clue first.

Still struggling to catch up, Caite and Brent finally arrived to the scene and attempted to close the gap between themselves and the cowboys. The four of them finish right at the same time and headed to the next destination, the Tonga Room, San Francisco's first and oldest tiki bar.

Just as they left, Caite and Brent realized they had left their wallets and personal belongs at Lucasfilm and were forced to go back, diminishing their chances of winning.

While at the Tonga Room, the clue asked the teams to pick up a big, heavy chest and lug it to their next destination: The Great American Music Hall. Once they arrived at the Hall, the teams were to open up the trunks and find 11 psychedelic posters that included faces of the eliminated teams. From there, they needed to use their memory and arrange them in the proper order before they received the next clue.

Jordan, an avid "Amazing Race" watcher, had a feeling this challenge would come up so he had all the names already noted down. They raced through the challenge before the cowboys even arrived and headed for Candlestick Park, the next and final destination.

Jet and Cord arrived to the Hall and quickly worked through the challenge. Once they left, it appeared that the race was neck-and-neck with the other set of brothers. But, in the end, Dan and Jordan were the first team to cross the finish line. An elated Jordan was grateful to his brother for helping him fulfill his dream of winning the race.

"I love my little brother and it's so great knowing I could help him make his No. 1 dream come true," Dan said.

Jett and Cord were happy with their second place arrival at the finish line. "We kept our character and integrity in tact -- we can hold our heads up high," they said.

When Caite and Brent finally arrived, everyone greeted them with smiles and applause except for Brandy and Carol, the team that Caite u-turned in a previous episode. Caite attempted to apologize but Brandy quickly snapped back.

"I don't want to hear sorry from you. You purposely whacked us," she said.

Caite, unfazed by Brandy's remark, stood on the stage and closed this season of "The Amazing Race" with the perfect retort:

"I'm the one standing here and not you."

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