Narragansett Beer's 120th Anniversary

Hi Neighbors! It is with great pleasure that we bring you the 120th Anniversary of Narragansett beer. Another epic milestone in New England history is...

Narragansett Beer's 120th Anniversary

Hi Neighbors! It is with great pleasure that we bring you the 120th Anniversary of Narragansett beer. Another epic milestone in New England history is upon us. December 29, 2010 marks 120 years of brewing greatness. On that day in 1890 the original six officially brewed the first Narragansett beer ever. Several of you might already know the history, but you can read the full story by clicking here. To celebrate this historic occasion we are going to throw a party that you will never forget. Complete with live music, Gansett Girls and all sorts of fun, the bash goes down on Wednesday, December 29 at The Met in Pawtucket, RI. For only $10 you get to see 5 great New England bands and enjoy plenty of frosty Gansetts. There will be a Gansett Girl photo-booth complete with our 2011 Hi Neighbor Calendar. Get your photo taken with one of the lovely ladies featured in the calendar and have them sign it. We'll include all photos on the site. The first 120 people through the door will receive a token good for a Gansett prize of your choosing; either a Gansett, shirt or pint glass. Doors are at 7pm and the first band goes on at 8. Purchase tickets in advance at,, F.Y.E. Stores, Round Again Records (Wickendon St.), In Your Ear - Warren, RI - What Cheer Antiques in Wayland Square in Providence And at Lupo’s Box Office! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE AND PRINT THEM OUT. Here's the lineup and more info on the bands:

the 'Mericans

the 'Mericans - Car

the 'Mericans are an Experimental Roots Rock Band from Rhode Island led by Chris Daltry (formerly of Purple Ivy Shadows) who has been called a "visionary founding father of the rootsy rockers" by the Providence Phoenix. The group has released two full length records ('Merican Recordings in 2006), and Where All Dead Leaves Go in 2007) that were met with critical praise : "Where All Dead Leaves Go is one magical listen and one of the year’s best discs" with the band's "southern-fried roots shine across warm with tremolo, hooks, and harmonies akin to retro gems from bands like Galaxie 500" and "It’s quiet music you want to crank"

The 'Mericans were voted "Best Roots Act" in the 2008 Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll and "Best Act" in the 2009 Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on their 3rd full-length album.

Fans and critics have compared the sound of the 'Mericans to groups like The Feelies, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Television, Wilco, the Jayhawks, the Byrds, Pernice Brothers, Son Volt, the Rolling Stones, and have performed live with with many diverse acts including Frank Black (Pixies), Mark Olson (The Jayhawks), Lightning Bolt, Anders Parker of Varnaline, Death Vessel, Ida, The Figgs and many others. the 'Mericans have also appeared at several large festivals including Terrastock 6, Providence IndieArts Fest, Foo Fest, Liberty Fest & the Somerville Rock & Roll Yard Sale, which the Phoenix describes as speaking "volumes to the band's accessible sound."

The Tower And The Fool

Listen to The Tower And The Fool - Breach

Listen to The Tower And The Fool - Fade Away

The Tower and The Fool initially started as a songwriting project between friends Alex Correia and Chris Rosenquest. As the recording of the CD drew near, the idea of adding additional musicians to fill out the recorded songs interested the duo.

To fill out the line up, Correia and Rosenquest added the drumming of their producer/friend Mike Poorman (ex-Hot Rod Circuit), Jon Tucker on bass, Zac Clark on keys, and long time friend Chris Capaldi on lead and slide guitars. Capaldi was featured prominently on Rosenquest's first recorded solo EP.

What happened after the recording seemed like a natural step to take for the duo. After hearing the songs with their full instrumentation, Correia and Rosenquest decided to permanently add the additional line up, making The Tower and The Fool a full time band.

Watch for the new self-titled CD in early December 2010. Check the bands Myspace page for show dates and more info.

Sharks Come Cruisin'

Listen to Sharks Come Cruisin' - Raise Up

Inspired by Quint’s rendition of ’Spanish Ladies’ in the film Jaws, Sharks Come Cruisin’ combines traditional songs of sailing, whaling, drinking and sinking with drums, bass, guitar and lots of hollering.

Lotsa banjo, fiddle, accordion, two-steppin' kinda tempos and robust, absurdly catchy shout-along choruses. And a million bands coulda fucked this up royally, but these guys sound like they're having more goddamned FUN than almost anyone I've heard this century.the Noise, rock around Boston

Sharks Come Cruisin are easily on the same playing field as bands like Flogging Molly, The Pogues and The Tossers, minus the Irish-ness. People who like songs to sing along to, or songs about the sea, will love this .

Sharks Come Cruisin' present the songs complete with cue cards for the crowd to join in the chorus. While many compare SCC's sound to the Dropkick Murphys, they're closer to Great Big Sea in that they're fairly true to the original songs, without trying to punk them up.75 0r less records Michelle Lewis

Listen to Michelle Lewis - Broken

If you meet Michelle before you hear her music, you might be surprised to find out she plays folk. She doesn't fit the profile. She quotes Homer Simpson before Paul Simon. She prefers Mardi Gras to Earth Day. She drives fast. She throws snowballs. She talks loud, she eats meat, and if you leave the mayonnaise off her sandwich she might try to fight you.

If you hear Michelle's music before you meet her, you might be surprised at her exuberance. Her songs throw you against a wall. They kick you out of the house and walk around naked. They call up to heaven. They crumble at your feet.

At first, it doesn't add up.

But then you get to know her better and you begin to notice that she always tells the truth. You notice that she's been listening the whole time. You realize how much she values sincerity and that, even when she's clowning around, she's just being herself.

Then you listen to her lyrics and you hear the triumph. You understand that she finds as much exhilaration in performing her music as she does the rest of her life. More, even. You realize that when she performs she is living the life to which her songs aspire.

Michelle's music is caring, vivacious and completely authentic. Watch her perform and you will understand. Her fingers articulate every note; her voice picks out every word. But you don't hear notes and you don't hear words. When Michelle plays, all you hear is music, and it all makes sense.

Steve Smith & The Nakeds

Listen to Steve Smith & The Nakeds - I'm Huge And The Babes Go Wild

Now celebrating thirty-five esteemed years touring throughout the USA and Canada, the rhythm & blues powerhouse has taken their distinct infectious blend of rhythm, brass, and fun to the touring stage with Bruce Springsteen's saxophonist, Clarence Clemons for a series of critically acclaimed performances. They have been featured on television, appearing on MTV's video countdown program "The Basement Tapes", and more recently, on the Fox TV season 6 Family Guy DVD box set.

The ten-man unit consists of a four-piece rhythm section, a five-piece brass section, and a lead vocalist.

Band Members:
Joe Groves, drums & percussion
Dave Bolender, tenor sax
Chris Schwartz, trombone
Thomas “T.J.” Schwartz, baritone sax
Frank Rapone, piano/Hammond B3/vocals
Steve Smith, lead vocals
Ed Vallee, guitar/vocals
Steven DeCurtis, trumpet
Mike Marra, bass guitar/vocals
Robert DeCurtis, alto & soprano sax
August 10, 2010 - New CD release
I'm Huge (and the babes go wild)
Steve Smith and The Nakeds
2010 Bonehead Music, Inc, Hit Brothers Records and RED Music, a Sony Music Entertainment Company

The title track for the new CD, I'm Huge, gained notoriety by being included on the Fox TV season 6 Family Guy DVD box set. The song is the driving force behind the animated music video featuring the band and the Family Guy characters. The Family Guy music video has caused quite a buzz on with over 175,000 views. Steve Smith and The Nakeds will kick off their I'm Huge tour in New York City at the BB King Blues Club, accompanied by their long time friend, The Big Man, Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. Clarence will join The Nakeds onstage for their tour during the first several impact weeks, as radio stations around the globe are playing "I'm Huge" ! ! !

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