Narragansett Beer Collaborations

It's been an exciting and innovative time at Narragansett Beer since we opened our Providence, RI brewery just over two short years ago. We wanted...

Narragansett Beer Collaborations

It's been an exciting and innovative time at Narragansett Beer since we opened our Providence, RI brewery just over two short years ago. We wanted to take the time to highlight brewmaster Lee Lord's fantastic work alongside her brew team as she worked with a number of national and international breweries to create some incredible collaborations. This list will be continually updated as new collaborations are brewed and released!


Sirens of Doomsday English-Style Barleywine, 9.9% (Amager Bryghus)

In October 2021, Lee Lord made her way over to Denmark to Amager Bryghus to brew an English-Style Barleywine with head brewer Mariana Schneider and her team. This incredibly flavorful Barleywine was specially brewed with Lapsang Souchong tea - keep an eye out when you're traveling abroad!


Norse x Norsewest Nordic-Inspired Farmhouse Ale, 8% (New Belgium Brewing Company)

Influenced by the rich history of brewing during the Viking Age, Norse x NorseWest is a modern take on historical tastes, crafted with American malts and Nordic yeast and brewed with Lingenberry, Juniper, Myrica gale, and European hops. At 8% ABV, the first collaboration from Narragansett and New Belgium evokes a balanced and unique blend of earthy, fruity, and herbal notes.


True Leaf Saison, an International Women's Day Brew, 6.6% (Wild Card Brewery, Collaboration with Other UK Women Brewers)

In honor of International Women's Day, Lee Lord made her way across the pond to Wild Card Brewery where she collaborated with a group of UK women brewers on an incredible Saison. This IWD brew was led by Jaega Wise of Wild Card Brewery and True Leaf Saison is packed with a delicious Apricot flavor.


Neighbor Neighbor Sea Salt Lager, 5% (Finback Brewing Company)

Before Finback Brewery kicked off their incredible Whale Watching Brew Festival, Lee Lord headed over to their Queens-based brewery to create a RI inspired brew! Finback's CEO Basil Lee is a Rhode Island Native! Neighbor Neighbor is a beautifully crisp, slightly briny lager - brewed with Newport Sea Salt.


 Good Luck Malt Liquor, 6.3% (Sam Adams Brewery)

In honor of our intertwined histories, we teamed up with Sam Adams Brewery to create Good Luck Malt Liquor, a modern malt liquor interpretation crafted in celebration of the legacy of Rudolf Haffenreffer, brewing pioneer and owner of the former Haffenreffer Brewery. This beer highlighted the incredible heritage and history with a contemporary version of the robust beer style the Haffenreffer Brewery was once known for. Good Luck Malt Liquor is a slightly sweet brew that offers a malty backbone with just a touch of noble hops. The Amber maize from Valley Malt give this fresh take a beautiful, toasted cereal character.


High Neighbor New England IPA, 6% (Union Station Brewery)

We didn't have to travel too far for this local collaboration! We partnered with our neighbors Union Station Brewery in Providence to create this 6% New England IPA brewed with Phantasm and Terpenes giving it a hazy, dank and juicy flavor.


Show Me The Way To Go Home Amber Lager, 5.2% (Pink Boots Brew in Collaboration with Faces Brewery and Sam Adams Brewery)

Lee Lord is an extremely active member of the Pink Boots Organization which helps support and further the education of women in brewing. This has not only led to great opportunities but relationships that have grown into collaborations. Lee Lord, alongside Sam Adams brewer Megan Parisi and Faces brewer Danielle Coons, created this Amber Lager that was specially conditioned on cedar with proceeds directly benefiting the Pink Boots Organization. 

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