Meet The Bands In The 2011 WBRU Rock Hunt Finals

The greatest rock battle in Southeastern New England goes down this Friday night at The Met in Pawtucket. Four bands will rock the stage to...

Meet The Bands In The 2011 WBRU Rock Hunt Finals

The greatest rock battle in Southeastern New England goes down this Friday night at The Met in Pawtucket. Four bands will rock the stage to win the glorious title for the 2011 WBRU Rock Hunt. Of course other prizes and bragging rights will be awarded, but everyone wants to be the best. Doors are at 7pm and it's just 5 bucks to get in. That's a great deal to see such a great line-up. Here's a closer look at all four of the finalists from BRU's website.

Herra Terra

"With enough electronics to overthrow Skynet, Herra Terra’s form of synth rock is infectiously melodic, even avant-garde at times, but never quirky or different for the sake of being different. Underneath all of the gadgets, an educated appreciation for the fundamentals of rock, acts as the driving force behind their compositions."

Not bad for a band who released its debut LP, Quiet Geist, only last year. A former Rock Hunt semi-finalist, Herra Terra is starting to get noticed across the country, playing at Austin’s SXSW music festival and opening for everyone from Shiny Tony Guns to !!! and Middle Class Rut. Part of their success is how true Herra Terra is to their own sound: you won’t hear much like this anywhere, much less New England. Check them out at

The Death of Paris

Formed in November 2009, The Death of Paris is a five-piece rock band composed of Nathan Harrop (lead vocals), John Zaremba (lead guitar/harmonies), Mike Marvuglio (bass), Zach Starikov (guitar), and Mark McCarthy (drums/harmonies). The Death of Paris got its start when Harrop asked an unsigned band, which was touring independently at the time, to help him record his solo record. The collaboration had so much chemistry that the group decided to take on a unique identity - The Death of Paris. In 2010, the band played their first show as an opening act for Bowling for Soup.

The Death of Paris’ music has been referred to as "hard pop," and they describe their sound as a blend of bands such as Bayside, Thrice, Rise Against, and My Chemical Romance. Through his lyrics, Harrop passionately exposes the conflicts that have surrounded his life. He shares with his listeners stories of death, drug/alcohol addiction, abuse, and infidelity - all involving his family and loved ones. These themes give The Death of Paris a serious and emotionally-charged edge that distinguishes them from other alternative rock bands.

The band has recently finished recording with Scott Reibling (Fall Out Boy, Metro Station, Secondhand Serenade) and Kato Khandwala (Paramore, The Pretty Reckless, Breaking Benjamin) and is scheduled to perform with Hit The Lights at Skate Against Drugs Festival in May. You can find more info about The Death of Paris here:


The brother-sister duo behind Vulgarrity - Tracy and Shawn Garrity - could fraternally kick your ass. While playing three instruments at once. And rocking at it.

Vulgarrity’s special blend of tight electro-rock is the end of a long process of figuring out that they really don’t need anybody else. Both Garritys play bass, drums, keys, and vocals. Add Shawn’s guitar licks, and you have one of the craziest live acts in Rhode Island, with both members switching instruments mid-song and recording loops live on stage, all while maintaining their cut, edgy sound. Last year’s Dance 2 the Grave delivered on the expectations of fans of the band’s 2008 debut, If You Sing It, They Will Hum..., especially on tracks like "Tell-Tale" or the (aptly dark and dance-y) "Freakshow". As you might guess from their black clothes and long, bright blonde and pitch-black hair, Vulgarrity isn’t here to cuddle. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be one of the best local rock bands you hear this year.

To get a taste before the show, check out their website,

Last One Out

Last One Out, one of our 12 semifinalists for BRU’s Rock Hunt 2011, is a group of four college seniors. The band was formed two years ago, after three roommates and a floor mate decided to start playing together. After writing their first original song in the bathroom, they decided to keep writing, and have been doing so ever since. Dustin Bailey plays drums, Jeff Gahan plays bass, Scott Mesite plays guitar and does backup vocals, and Scott Royal plays keyboard, synth, and is the main vocalist. The writing process for each song is different, and that is why a lot of their songs are different from other songs they have written. They have a distinct sound, and their music cannot be easily classified into any one genre.

Part of what makes Last One Out unique is the variety of musical backgrounds within the band. To quote their Facebook page, "Scott Mesite is a very talented guitar player who is a music minor and knows a lot about theory. Dustin is a new drummer whose hip-hop influenced beats fused with rock make for excellent jam sessions. Scott Royal’s keyboard playing is influenced by many genres, and his singing is versatile and dynamic. And Jeff has been influenced quite heavily from mainstream rock groups and the big names in rock and alternative. All in all, these four musicians truly integrate the different backgrounds into one unique sound."

They love to play music, hang out, party, and generally have a good time. Listening to music while driving in a car with the whole band is one of their favorite things to do when they have nothing else better going on. In addition to collaborating as a band, they are a group of great friends that share a love and passion for making music together. They look to continue their music upon graduation this May.

Learn more about Last One Out HERE.

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