Gansett's Top 20 Of 2011: 15 Through 11

15. Narragansett's Jingle Demos Record This rare gem from the 40?s came to us from the grandson of John Haley. He was the former marketing...

Gansett's Top 20 Of 2011: 15 Through 11

15. Narragansett's Jingle Demos Record

This rare gem from the 40?s came to us from the grandson of John Haley. He was the former marketing guy for the Narragansett Brewery that coined the phrase, “Hi Neighbor, Have a Gansett.” Our eyes popped and mouths watered when this came in. Pressed on blue vinyl, this baby contains 15 rare tracks of Narragansett beer jingle demos. Not sure which they used if any, but for the most part these jazzy numbers sing about 'Gansetts refreshing flavor. After giving it a few spins we were able to conver it into .wav files for all to enjoy. We've been posting 1 a week on the blog here and are using them in radio ads you can hear on WBRU. Researching the record a little more we found that the Marketing Agency, Cunningham & Walsh, who created these came together in 1950. Judging by the nature of the instruments used, vocals, and song writing, it’s quite clear that this was record in the early 50?s. Click here to learn more about the ad agency on

14. Hi Neighbor Homestands

The Gansett Gang were all over the Fenway area for Red Sox Baseball games in the 2011 season. Our beer is proudly served at several of the bars in the area. So this year Tall Boy walked around the streets by the stadium just before the first and last home games of each Red Sox home-stand. Naturally we kicked it off with their season home opener which is when this video was made. He took photos with fans and then when the game started he popped into one of the bars and routed for the Sox with everyone. 13. WBRU Summer Concert Series It's safe to say that anytime Narragansett beer teams up with the BRU crew something wild is going to happen. That's exactly how every Friday night of the Summer Concert series was. In fact new ideas were born during some of those nights. We saw Young The Giant and Deer Tick blow us away. New bands like Sleeper Agent and Viva Brother wowed us. And of course our local favorites like Vulgarrity, The Wandas, The Tower & The Fool, Santa Mamba and Northern Lands all killed that stage. Whether we were sprawled out on the lawn at Waterplace Park or piled into the Whiskey and Lupos due to rain, lots of Gansetts were enjoyed and lots of great music was heard. This might have been one of the best summers ever.

12. Fest Wins a Gold Medal while all of Gansett's beers continue to win awards in 2011

Narragansett Fest took home the gold medal in the Oktoberfest category of the 2011 Great International Beer & Cider Competition which took place on November 5 in Providence. In addition to that, we also took home a bronze medal for the Porter in the Robust Porter category. In addition to the Great International Beer Competition, we submitted all of our beers (Lager, Light, Fest, Porter, Bock and Summer) in the Beverage Tasting Institute’s 2011 World Beer Championship and all came home with silver medals. Now that's Taste & Enjoy! Click here to read the full story on 11. Island Creek Oyster Festival The Island Creek Oyster Festival took place on Saturday, September 10th at Duxbury Beach in Massachusetts. All we have to say is, “WOW!” What a party that was. In total they went through over 100 kegs of Gansett. Now that's a lot of beer. The food and music was outstanding to match. If you missed this, then make sure you keep it on your radar for next year. It’s one hell of a good time. Click here to check out the full photo gallery and story. Check back tomorrow for 10 through 6!

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