A Message From Our Owner, Mark Hellendrung: New Brewery Equipment

Hi Neighbor- I spent the week working with Sean Larkin on some specs for the new draft brewery. There is some great equipment available on...

Hi Neighbor-

I spent the week working with Sean Larkin on some specs for the new draft brewery. There is some great equipment available on the market right now, and we’ve started the conversation with current owners of a couple equipment sources. One of the biggest decisions we’ll have to make is what size brewhouse we buy. We could start out with a 15 barrel system, but our biggest concern is outgrowing the capacity in a year or two. We could buy a great 50 barrel system and grow into it, but it’s a big upfront investment. What to do? Let me know what you think.

Drink your part!



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I agree with Vic. Also, by growing into the 50 barrel system, you can keep the 15 for running smaller experimental batches (seasonal beers?) and developing new products.

Kevin Piatek

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