Diary Of A 'Gansett Girl: Nicki

August 21 Tonight was Fat Belly’s...one of my favorite bars to do a promotion at! As soon as I walk in I’m greeted with the...

August 21

Tonight was Fat Belly’s...one of my favorite bars to do a promotion at! As soon as I walk in I’m greeted with the nice staff who are all so excited for the promotion. Andrea, the other gansett girl, was sick and couldn’t make it. Thankfully one of my friends came with me. I gave him a bucket o ’gansetts and he was happy! It’s a small place, so it’s easy to literally talk to everyone there. I started out letting people know there were buckets of gansetts for $10 tonight (that’s 5 for $10). Most were thrilled to learn of the promo - the sox were playing so they were sticking around for a while. Then, once people started buying the buckets and gansett, I told them about the petition. Those who signed were given a t-shirt or Koozie. The guys absolutely LOVED the new t’s (jam out with your clam out). Some girls opted for koozies. But there was this one group of women who loved the t-shirts too....it was so funny to see how excited they got! The bar staff went home with them too. Can’t wait for the next one there!


August 22

It took me an hour to get to Turtle Soup in Narragansett tonight! I should have known - Hurricane Bill. I have never seen the traffic that bad from Newport (where I live) to Narragansett. People were dying to get a glimpse at the huge waves. It was a cool night...on the front lawn of the restaurant. They had a bar outside where people could sit on the Adirondack chairs while they sip cold gansetts and watch the waves! I met the other gansett girl there and put my keys in her box. She left at 8:30...I opted to stay until 9 since there were a lot of people out there! As I was getting ready to leave, I realized my keys were in her box and she went to Newport with them! Thankfully I had some friends with me, and we continued on with the promotion until my friend that lives in Newport brought my keys. Good thing Bill was there (the hurricane) because the promotion remained busy until 10pm that night! At one point we crossed the street to check out the waves and we all got soaked, they were coming over the wall! There was this one guy there too - who was wearing an old gansett tie and had the old gansett bumper stickers on his cane (by old mean a few years ago, not from the 70’s 80’s lol). I’m waiting for my friend to email me those pics. I’ll post them soon!

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