This Weekend: Beard Off And Valentine's Day

Stop shaving and start growing! It may be to late for that, but head to Somerville tomorrow for one hairy contest. Beginning at 3 PM...

This Weekend: Beard Off And Valentine's Day


Stop shaving and start growing! It may be to late for that, but head to Somerville tomorrow for one hairy contest. Beginning at 3 PM at Precinct on 70 Union Square, the Somerville Arts council is throwing a party that's sure to tickle your chin. For those competing, there will be five categories to enter: Natural Full Beard, Free-Style Full Beard, Free-Style Partial Beard, Best Fake Beard, and our personal favorite, the Free-Style Moustache. Why? Those who have ever had a stash know. Just picture Quint, the frothiness of your 'Gansett stays on for a little longer. And if you prefer your 'Gansett from the tall boy can like most of us, the tab sometimes pulls the little hairs out. Trims your stash while you drink...fantastic! We are honestly so stoked for this. Just click here to read up on some the buzz this has been getting from the Boston Globe. And not to mention Mark has been growing a beard all Winter.


Valentine's Day might have been fabricated by the greeting card industry, but year after year we all get coerced into a soiree. Buying overpriced bouquets of roses that last a week and mediocre chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Yeah, real original! But nothing says "I love you" like an ice cold tall boy. So if you're sick of the same wine-'em-dine-'em atmosphere, then head over to the Channel Cafe in South Boston for a unique Valentine's experience. For just $30 you get a delicious four course dinner featuring locally produced organic food and Narragansett beer. Located within an art gallery, this makes for one hip dinner. Better yet it's actually on Saturday night the 13th not the 14th. So you might not have to witness "that guy" who proposes to his girlfriend on the most predictable day of the year. Hopefully he doesn't surprise her with the ring inside her glass of 'Gansett. It might tarnish that straight from the barrel taste. But seriously, check out this Boston Food Diary blog on the dinner. Now how does that sound? Your significant other will pretty much love you forever.


Now that's more like it. Valentines are for pussies! You don't say? Another awesome punk show at the Baseball Tavern in Boston this Saturday. Come shred this weekend all dolled up for your Valentine's festivities. Throwing down in fly threads, now that's love. With bands like Jeddo Star, Tijuana Sweetheart, Tired Old Bones, The Furiousity, makes it sound like one romantic showcase. And the only bubbly drink you'll find is Narragansett beer. Spare yourself the sappy movies with titles that prove Hollywood is really out of ideas. There hasn't been a show at Baseball Tavern we haven't liked. So this will be no exception. Then make it up to your loved one by springing for brunch the next morning.

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