The Narragansett Brewery Tour: Introduction

By. Guy Lister This story of The Narragansett Brewery Tour is the result of having had the opportunity, privilege and honor to work for a...

The Narragansett Brewery Tour: Introduction


By. Guy Lister
This story of The Narragansett Brewery Tour is the result of having had the opportunity, privilege and honor to work for a company that was once a proud New England institution. The history and tradition of The Narragansett Brewing Company will live forever in the annals of New England business success stories but the stately, old, ivy covered red brick walls of what was once New England’s largest brewery, have now been leveled. Today, all that remains at the former site of the Narragansett Brewery is the deafening silence of what used to be.

Thousands of New England families in this new millennium have family members who spent part, or all their lives working in some capacity that was linked to the Narragansett Brewing Company. Anyone the age of 50 today, who was a Boston Red Sox fan, will surely remember seeing and hearing those great Narragansett TV and radio commercials as the Brewery served as a major sponsor for the Red Sox. There are countless memories still alive today in the minds of probably millions of New Englanders and people from literally, all around the world who have been touched in one or another by Narragansett. The fact serves as a living testimony to the hard work and dedication of the people who worked together toward one another’s success. There was no such thing as an unimportant person at the Narragansett Brewery.

The Brewery Tour was evidence of that philosophy. It was designed and conducted to please the public and in doing so, it honored the hard working people who produced, distributed and consumed Narragansett Beer.

This story is my hope to also honor those same people. It is my best recollection of the Brewery Tour as conducted by my late friend and mentor, John English. In this story, I have tried to resurrect the Brewery to the reader, if only for a short time. My hope is that anyone who ever took the tour will be reminded of what a special place The Narragansett Brewery was.

I hope you enjoy my story.

Make sure you check back next week as we continue into Lister's part one of The Narragansett Brewery Tour.

Guy Lister gave Narragansett Brewing Company full consent to post his story on our website. However, it remains the intellectual property of Guy Lister and may not be printed, reprinted, edited, sold or published, conventionally, electronically, or by other means without the expressed written approval of Guy Lister. Copyright 2001.


Thanks to Mark Hellendrung for resurrecting the Narragansett Brewing Company and to all of his hard working staff for the respectful way that you are moving forward toward your vision of rebuilding The Brewery. I share your dream and remain available to you toward that end.

Your endeavor honors a New England tradition and all who made it so.

Thank you for the the honor of sharing my story of the Narragansett Brewery Tour. So glad you found a picture of the Maestro himself, John English!

All the best!

Guy Lister

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