New England Heritage: Back To School

Dear New England college students, It's one of the most exciting times of the year. Summer is winding down and Fall is on the horizon....

Dear New England college students,

It's one of the most exciting times of the year. Summer is winding down and Fall is on the horizon. There's a specific feeling that the Fall season brings upon you. The smell of the crisp New England air and the sight of the leaves turning. The sound of the New England Patriots on the TV during Sunday dinner at Ma's house and the taste of the pumpkin spice in your Dunkin Donuts coffee. This unique time of year is also the start of a fresh and new beginning for some. Yes it's the time that parents love the most and retailers offer huge sales because it's Back-To-School. For college students, this is also the most important time in your life. Senior year of College is a time for young adults to enter the world of higher education with an open mind and to leave it with a life direction. Throughout your past journey, there were many important decisions to be made. You started first with, what college do I go to? What major do I choose? What classes should I take? And now that you are of the legal drinking age it's, What bars do I hang out at? ect, ect. Many of these decisions shape the person you will become later in life. Now that’s stressful! So to begin this upcoming collegiate school year, Narragansett would like to make your life a little less stressful by making one of the most important decisions a college student can make in your final year as an undergrad: What beer do I drink? Make it a Narragansett beer. At a house party, why not stroll in with a fresh 6-pack of Gansett tallboys. Nothing is better than grabbing an ice cold Gansett off tap at your local dive-bar. Guys, you’ll start to notice that girl from front row Economics 101 shooting you cute looks across that dirty basement party. Ladies, that red Gansett emblem will match perfectly with that dress and your legs look longer. But most importantly, Narragansett beer is just downright delicious and fits any college kid’s beverage budget. So after you drain your summer savings on those textbooks you’ll probably never read, go out and grab a 6-pack of tallboys at your local packie or draft at your local bar. This school year, let Narragansett be your beer of choice so you can focus on more important things, like what you’re going to wear the first day.

Good luck this year and make your beer of choice Gansett,

Ben the Narragansett intern.

PS. We need a some new interns for the Fall semester. I can guarantee you it’s the coolest internship you’ll ever have. Just email me your resume and I'll make sure it gets in the right hands.

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