Gansett's Top 20 Of 2010: 15 Through 11

15.) March Madness in Providence! They came from all over and they drank Gansett all week long. Yes, it was madness in downtown Providence when...

Gansett's Top 20 Of 2010: 15 Through 11

15.) March Madness in Providence!

They came from all over and they drank Gansett all week long. Yes, it was madness in downtown Providence when part of the NCAA March Madness College Basketball tournament was held at the Dunkin Donuts Center. It also feel during the week of St. Patrick's day. So it was like the partying never stopped. The bars downtown like Local 121, Trinity, Murphys and Luxe set-up shop outside on the sidewalk and had Gansett draft specials going for 4 days. It was non-stop excitement. Even the other bars like Shulas, Blakes and Muldowneys were slammed with folks from all over the country. They came to watch their favorite college teams battle it out on court and in between games they enjoyed the New England famous lager. We'll never forget this and hope they come back in 2011.

14.) Miss Hi Neighbor Pageants

All year long we held several "Miss Hi Neighbor" pageants where we visited a few college bars around New England in search of the next Miss Hi Neighbors. Those were just preliminary rounds and all of those winners were invited to compete for the grand prize of 'Gansett's Miss Hi Neighbor. It all came down the finale during the Providence Sound Session festival. The above video says it all. We teamed up with or good friends at for our Miss Hi Neighbor float in the Carnival Parade. The Providence Pinup crew did the hair and makeup for the girls transforming the eight of them into pinups. Lulu Locks and her team are truly professionals and know what they’re doing. Then we got on the truck and met up with Clammie, Tall Boy, The Beer Fairy and the awesome marching band, The Extraordinary Rendition Band. The parade was so much fun and immediately following it the girls all went over to the Speakeasy Providence Vaudeville stage for the Miss Hi Neighbor pageant. This one pretty much topped them all. Our guest celebrity judge was Miss Wensday Greenbomb. All the girls were great it was another tough decision, but in the end Andrea was crowned the overall Miss Hi Neighbor winner. Thanks to everyone who participated and making this one of our most memorable events in 2010. Who will be Miss Hi Neighbor 2011?

13.) Release of our Limited Edition Clam Can

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Narragansett is the Official Beer Of The Clam. We have been since 1890 and we’re not kidding. In New England, everyone loves clams and there’s not better New England beer to wash them down with than Gansett. So this Summer we released the limited edition 16oz Clam Can with our favorite clam bake recipe on the back. We’ve put a lot of recipes on our site, but this one is the easiest and most popular to share with friends and family. In fact our webmaster and promotions manager’s family uses this exact recipe to celebrate the Fourth Of July with every year for over 30 years. Now that’s New England Heritage. If you didn't get on this year, then hopefully we'll make one again next summer. Who knows, maybe next year we'll have a stuffie recipe.

12.) Hi Neighbor Summer Music Festivals

The Gansett Summer Music Festival Series ventured to all corners of New England this past summer to support & experience an array of once-in-a-lifetime performances. Whether it was the family friendly jammy paradise of Nateva in Oxford, Maine, the genre-defying stylings of Sound Session here in our backyard of Providence, RI, the legendary eclectic musical talents on display at The Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport, CT, or the artistry of the spoken word performed at Word x Word in Pittsfield, MA, we had a blast at all of these multi-day festivals. And to make each event that much more enjoyable, Narragansett Beer was poured at all 4 events as the best beer bargain going. So mark your calendars we'll be hitting the road, camping out and enjoying all of New England's finest music festivals next summer.

11.) Gansett enters the Philadelphia and Scranton-Wilks Barre area's of Pennsylvania.

Yes! Narragansett beer made it's way to Pennsylvania this year. Specifically the Philadelphia and Scranton/Wilks-Barre areas. Now that ‘Gansett is in Philly, give us a shout out and tell us where you want ‘Gansett there. Have all your PA friends find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so they know where to tell others to go for an ‘Gansett and find new spots. Visit our Where To Buy section to see the complete list of bars and stores in PA that now have ‘Gansett. Just type in your zip code and those closest near you will pop up. We expect to see some great events and happenings in Pennsylvania in 2011.

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