Band Of The Week: The Cobramatics

The Cobra-Matics have been rockin' up a storm with two new members and lots of new tunes on top of their debut release "Under The...

Band Of The Week: The Cobramatics


The Cobra-Matics have been rockin' up a storm with two new members and lots of new tunes on top of their debut release "Under The Hood"! Leading the charge on lavish lead vocals and swinging rhythm guitar is the always handsome and devilish Captain Al De Ville flanked by his right hand guitar man "The Colonel" providing the memorable melodies that keep the bouncy tunes jumping out of his vintage amp and stuck in your head for days! "Backwards" Bob Mac on the big boy upright bass and "Rimshot" Russ on the old school radio king drums are pounding out the Zesty rhythms for your listening,drinking and dancing pleasure. Combining the best aspects of any great group on the move the band has a unique style all of their own and are not afraid to admit the influences of early blues, country, gospel, R&B, 50's rock-n-roll, and rockabilly. Inspired and original sounds of the past are always heard jumpin' out of the speakers of the Colonel's 1958 Cobra-Matic Hi-Fi record player. When the band hits the bandstand music fans of all ages and styles appreciate the band's dedication to preserve the Roots of American Rock and Roll. the Cobra-Matics are sincere, professional, and dedicated showmen of the highest caliber right down to their matching suits and well crafted tunesmanship! So if you are looking for a big night out and want to shake it down with real rock and roll party band check out the Cobra-Matic! And don't forget to pick up a copy of "Under the Hood" on The Colonels Fabulous new Original Recipe Recordings label available NOW! For bookings and info visit the Colonels MySpace page.


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