Band Of The Week: TAB The BAND

It’s always awesome to receive an email from a band or musician who declares our beer as being their favorite. Just like bands, we at...

Band Of The Week: TAB The BAND

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It’s always awesome to receive an email from a band or musician who declares our beer as being their favorite. Just like bands, we at the brewery have our fans, and truly appreciate their business and loyalty. When a band is a fan of our beer, we try and pay them back by doing record release sponsorships and giving band beer for the green room and rehearsal spaces. While always thinking forward, we came up with the idea of "Band of the Week" with hopes that we can spread our gospel while continuing to support all the talented local bands New England has to offer. At the end of the day, all of us here in the brewery are huge music fans, and nothing makes us happier than watching people enjoy our beer while we enjoy their music. With that said, the next band we are about to feature is truly a fan of Gansett. A few months back, the bands manager contacted us through our site, basically saying their guitarist could quite possibly be Narragansett’s biggest fan, and wanted to know if there was any possibility of working together in the future. That neighbor, brings us to our next band.

Formed in 2006, Boston/Duxbury based TAB the BAND was originally made up of brothers Adrian (vocals/bass) & Tony Perry (guitar), and Ben Tileston (drums). In 2008, the band brought on Lou Jannetty (rhythm guitar), just in time for the release of their debut LP Pulling Out Just Enough to Win, which went on to receive 3.5 Stars in Rolling Stone. In October of 2009, the band released "Bought & Sold" which is the first single off their 3rd LP Zoo Noises (which came out this past Tuesday). The record definitely draws influence from the indie rock world, but doesn’t stop there. With hints of 60’s Garage Rock and bits and pieces of Beggars Banquet/Exile swagger, the band definitely keeps it open. It also doesn’t hurt that talent runs deep in the veins of Adrian and Tony, considering both are the son of Boston rock icon/Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Top that off with touring duties, opening for the likes of Modest Mouse, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Stone Temple Pilots, the bands live performance has definitely been to the next level. With that said, we invite you all to come down this Saturday night at the Middle East to check them out as they celebrate the release of Zoo Noises.

In the meantime, please feel free to download the following tracks from the band’s latest album Zoo Noises. O’h, we also thought we’d throw in the link to an acoustic set the band did with Rolling Stone last month. The first person to tell us what makes the video below stand out will receive a TAB the BAND prize pack including ZOO NOISES and other goodies from TAB the BAND and Narragansett.


Click here to watch TAB perform acoustic on

See you Saturday
1/30/10 - TAB the Band @ Middle East Upstairs

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Tony is wearing a Narragansett Shirt in the video. He really is your biggest fan!!!


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