Oct 2021

It’s Tea-Gating Season!

It’s tea-gating season! 

“Tailgating” or should we say “Tea-gating” creates a deeper sense of community and what better way to add to this community than enjoying a Dels Rhode Island Hard Tea? This is such a great way to cultivate friendships and grow bonds with the people around you. Tailgating before your favorite football games and making it an annual tradition makes it just that much more exciting.

Now, picture your ideal tailgating event on a beautiful fall day. Then picture that same day, but with a Dels Rhode Island Hard Tea.

With Narragansetts Beer’s Dels Rhode Island Hard Tea you can enjoy hard tea not just in the summer, but all year long. This fall, people across Rhode Island are drinking one of these before their favorite sporting events. This beverage pairs greatly with all your favorite cookout foods…everything from hot dogs to hamburgers to pulled pork sandwiches, not to mention chips with your favorite dip. When you’re packing up your cooler make sure to include this essential.