Sep 2013

Music: Vanna’s The Few And The Far Between – The Movie

In an age where MTV no longer shows music videos and YouTube has become the hub for new tunes, Boston’s Vanna has created an innovative way for fans to reach their music. Rather than create one music video for a single, this hardcore group set out to make a whole movie set to the theme in the lyrics of each track. This coming-of-age saga has by far been one of the most entertaining web series from any band. We’ve been following along for the past 7 weeks and each chapter gets deeper and deeper into some hard hitting issues across America today. AbsolutePunk has been debuting each chapter every Friday and the 7th just came out. Check out the opening above set to the first two tracks, “The Few and the Far Between” and “The Lost Art of Staying Alive,” from their latest record, The Few and the Far Between. Catch up on the rest on the band’s YouTube page and AbsolutePunk.net.