Jan 2013

2013 Narragansett Rebus Puzzles

The wait is over! Here are the highly anticipated 2013 Rebus puzzles from Narragansett Beer. Share these brain teasers with your friends while enjoying some ‘Gansett beer. They are sure to provide hours of fun. Look for them under ‘Gansett bottle caps and on our coasters in bars where ever ‘Gansett is sold. Try these out and come up with some fun games with friends at your next party. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We post a new rebus for #TallBoyTuesday and you may even be entered to win some prizes. Here’s the full collection for this year.

*Spoiler alert! If you really want to peak, then the answers are below. But we suggest you try and solve these until you’re really stumped.

1)    Buddy Cianci
2)    Sharks Come Cruisin’
3)    Barack Obama
4)    Mitt Romney
5)    Inebriated
6)    Don’t Fear the Reaper
7)    Sold on Merit
8)    Rock & Roll Music
9)    Formidable opponent
10)    Look yourself in the mirror
11)    Clam cakes & chowder
12)    Don’t Jump the Gun
13)    Think before you speak
14)    Justin Bieber
15)    Gansett is Good for You
16)    India Pale Ale
17)    Don’t Drink & Drive
18)    No one understands
19)    Palindromes
20)    Income Tax
21)    Eisenhower
22)    Pie in the Sky
23)    Dozen Eggs
24)    Son of a Gun
25)    Tea for Two
26)    All is fair in love and war
27)    Wet behind the ears
28)    Extended family
29)    Foreign Language
30)    Trail mix
31)    Space Invaders
32)    Ball buster
33)    Boston, Massachusetts
34)    Balanced diet
35)    Piece of Pumpkin Pie
36)    Corporate downsizing
37)    A step backwards
38)    In between jobs
39)    Outnumbered 4 to 1
40)    Ambiguous
41)    Foot in the Door
42)    The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
43)    Adding Injury to Insult
44)    Two Peas in a Pod
45)    Making Ends Meet
46)    Unending love or never ending love
47)    Quarterback, halfback, fullback
48)    Hiking in the woods
49)    Noel
50)    5 pounds overweight
51)    The beginning of the end
52)    Mixed doubles
53)    Odds are overwhelming
54)    Paradise
55)    Parting of the ways
56)    Some are overworked and underpaid
57)    Bigger & Better
58)    Up to a Point
59)    Cut Above the Rest
60)    Don’t break the seal
61)    In your dreams
62)    Stick a Sock in it
63)    No peeking
64)    Shake that ass