Nov 2012

Photo Gallery: Hi Neighbor Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween is the one night of the year when no matter how old you are, you can dress up and have some fun. So every year we ask our Twitter followers to tweet us some photos of their best costume and enjoying a Gansett. We got some great ones this year and have to say this year might be the most creative yet. Saw some Quints, spooky costumes, and even stuff that might be inappropriate. But you have to hand it to a group of friends that dress up as “Tall Boys.” Yes the girls above all went out dressed as Tall Boys for Halloween and enjoyed their favorite beverage while at the costume party. Not even sure where they got the can image from, but they definitely printed these and made them themselves. Not bad, girls. Very creative, fun and of course a touch of Hi Neighbor. We’ll be sending them some prizes for sure.