Mar 2012

Reviews: The Barley Blog On Gansett Cream Ale

From the Barley Blog:

The folks behind Narragansett’s resurrection the past few years have decided to reintroduce one of their more popular products from the 1960s and 1970s — the Cream Ale. This newer, modern interpretation “… is a throwback to Pre-Prohibition cream ales,” but with a hoppier presence that should appeal to the current realm of craft beer drinkers. I was obviously much too young for the first wave of the beer’s popularity, but I can see how this newer version has potential for being just as successful.

Brewed at a variety of locations (Trinity Brew House, Cottrell Brewery and North American Brewery), the beer is made a four different malts along with Columbus and Willamette hops for bittering and aroma. The end result is a nearly sessionable brew that is smooth and flavorful — 5% ABV and 22 IBU.



Pale amber in color, Cream Ale rests in the glass with a dense white head that just will not die — it seems to last forever.


The beer was a little cold initially, but after it had a chance to warm in the glass, hints of grassy hops, grain and lightly toasted bread arrived. It’s got a rather subtle nose, but is no less inviting.


A light sweetness accompanies grains and lightly toasted malt before fading smoothly to a subtle grassy hop presence in the clean finish. It’s got a pilsner like character, but with a much fuller and softer mouthfeel. The alcohol isn’t a factor in the beer’s flavor.


You know, the two tall-boy cans that I received from the company disappeared quicker than I originally thought they would. Cream Ale is a smooth drinking brew that goes down way too easy. It’s got a decent flavor profile that will neither offend nor amaze — sitting comfortably with a very approachable range of characteristics that should appeal to fans of the old recipe as well as the new.

Rating: 3.25/5