Sep 2011

Gansett At The Great American Beer Festival In Denver

It’s the festival that started it all. The biggest beer festival in the world kicks off today in Denver, CO and Gansett will be there. This is the first time in 30 years that Gansett’s beer will be present. Narragansett porter was at the first ever Great American Beer Festival back in 1982. Check out page 15 of the original program below. There was a typo saying Ballantine Porter. That’s because at the time Narragansett was brewed and owned by the Falstaff corporation as was Ballantine IPA which shared the booth with us. It was still a New England beer. Now we’ll be there again pouring our lager and fest. They are also recreating that first festival with the 1982 Pavilion with as many of the original beers that are still present. Well guess what? We sent some porter for that part too. The festival is sold out, so if you have tickets then make sure you stop by both booths and say, “Hi Neighbor.” And check out the photos we took while at the festival below as well.