Jul 2011

New Gansett Packages: 24oz Cans And Summer Cooler Bags

Narragansett Beer is proud to announce our Lager is now available in 24-ounce Tallboy cans for the first time in 120 years due to increasing customer demand for the easily transportable single-serving cans. Everyone recognizes our signature 16-oz. Tallboy. The 24-oz. introduction will allow us to further expand availability. Narragansett Lager is brewed with six-row malt, seedless hops, corn from Iowa, pure water and the same lager strain used since Prohibition. The beer is available in New England, Southern New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Florida and Western North Carolina. The suggested retail price is $1.59-$1.95 per can.

It can only get better. For a limited time only, we have a new 36 pack cooler bag available in Rhode Island only. Just in time for summer, this package contains 36 12oz cans of Narragansett lager only and are cooler ready. Just add ice and your Gansett’s will be cold in about 15 minutes. There’s even a convenient strap to help you carry it wherever you go. But you better get them while they last, because just like summer, these our going to be gone before you know it. Available at most package stores throughout Rhode Island and especially near the beach. So grab one this weekend on your way to Matunuck, Scarborough, Misquamicut, First Beach, Second Beach, Block Island, Narragansett or any one of the great beaches in the Ocean State.