Apr 2011

Vintage Gansett Jingle On Vinyl For Record Store Day

In honor of Record Store Day tomorrow (Saturday, April 16) we thought we’d share one of our own vintage vinyl records from our collection. Yes that is the Narragansett beer jingle featuring the famous Red Sox baseball announcer Curt Gowdy. This was spun several times during Red Sox announcements and now it might be yours. Well not this copy exactly. Go shopping tomorrow and visit some of your favorite record stores. Who knows you might just find this little nugget. Most stores are having huge sales and some of the antique shops have a great vintage vinyl collection. Just like The Time Capsule store in Seekonk and Cranston or our friends at What Cheer Antiques in Wayland Square of Providence. We all love records and shopping for them can be the most fun experience. So get out and support your local record store and take advantage of some of the great deals they have on Record Store day. Click here to learn more about Record Store Day.


Narragansett beer jingle featuring Curt Gowdy