Jul 2010

Gansett’s Limited Edition Clam Can

Clam Can

Narragansett is the Official Beer Of The Clam. We have been since 1890 and we’re not kidding. In New England, everyone loves clams and there’s not better New England beer to wash them down with than Gansett. So this Summer check out our newest cans. The Limited Edition 16oz Clam Can with our favorite clam bake recipe on the back. We’ve put a lot of recipes on our site, but this one is the easiest and most popular to share with friends and family. In fact our webmaster and promotions manager’s family uses this exact recipe to celebrate the Fourth Of July with every year for over 30 years. Now that’s New England Heritage. So enjoy these cans at your favorite spot for a tall boy or get to your local package store and pick some up before Summer is over. These are going to go fast and will be gone by labor day. Not to mention they make great collectible gifts. Have a great Summer and enjoy the Gansett Clam Can.