George’s Lobsterboil

George’s Lobsterboil:

George’s of Galilee.

1 1/4 lb live lobster
10 oz fresh local steamers
½ piece of chorizo sausage
1 ½ red bliss potatoes (cut into 8 pieces)
1 sweet onion
½ ear of corn
2 tbsps of Old Bay seasoning
1 ½ qts of water
1 16 oz can of Narragansett Beer
1 slice of lemon
Fresh parsley
Salt & pepper to taste

Put 8 qt pan on stove, add water, beer, bring liquid to a boil on high heat
Add Old Bay, chorizo, potatoes, onions & corn, reduce to medium & steam for 25 min
Add Lobster, steam for 7 minutes
Add steamers, steam for another 5 minutes
Remove from stove, pour through stainless strainer, reserve the broth, arrange everything on a large platter with a cup of broth, drawn butter & fresh parsley.
Serve with a cold Narragansett Beer.

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