Gansett’s Clam Can Clambake With McGrath On The Rhode Show

If you tuned in to The Rhode Show this morning on FOX Providence, then you saw Mark teamed with T.R. McGrath, owner of McGrath Clambakes, make a clam bake. They prepared all your favorite fixings of chourico, potatoes, corn on the cob, pork sausage, onions and of course steamed clams in ‘Gansett. Also known by some as a clam boil, the recipe was from the back label of our Limited Edition Clam Can which comes from our promotions manager’s family tradition. While hosts Patrick and Elizabeth were helping themselves to the dish, Clammie even made his way onto the scene. It was actually his television debut and he definitely wasn’t camera shy. Don’t worry if you did miss it. We posted the video right here for everyone to watch. But we must warn you, this will make you hungry for some clams and thirst for a Gansett. So pick up some of the new clam cans at a package store near you and try this at home with friends and family.

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