Gansett Steamed Mussels

Georges Rhode Show

With Chef Leon Sampson of George’s of Galilee recently on The Rhode Show’s backyard barbecue, we got the idea to offer their delicious recipe for Gansett Steamed Mussels. Which was one of the several dishes Chef Sampson prepared live on the show. You have to pair this one with a Gansett. And don’t forget about the Backyward BBQ at George’s this Sunday for Father’s Day!

2 lb fresh local mussels
1 vine-ripened plum tomato (1/2“ diced)
2 scallions (1/4“ diced)
2 cloves garlic
2 16 oz cans of Gansett Beer

1)    Wash and beard your mussels
2)    Pour ½ can Gansett in heated sauté pan
3)    Heat over medium to high heat for 1 min
4)    Drink the other half of your Gansett!
5)    Add your garlic and heat for another min
6)    Add your mussels and heat for another min
7)    Add your tomato and scallions and cover
8)    Steam for another 3 min or until mussels open
9)    Pour into pasta bowl with the liquid (reserve some liquid for dipping)
10)    Crack open the other Gansett and enjoy!