Gansett Porter Float

Narragansett’s famous porter is finally here. For the first time ever, it’s available in 16oz cans. Some fans are already getting creative and coming up with cool ways to enjoy it this Holiday season. Thanks to Brew York, New York for sending us the above photo on Twitter. You might be taken back by this at first, but we assure you it’s fantastic. We’ve actually started seeing this on the menus of popular beer bar and restaurants in New England. Who can resist ice cream? Since the porter has a heavy malt profile and notes of dark chocolate and espresso, it’s absolutely perfect for this. Perfect for a sweet snack or dessert and even great with a hearty burger. Try it tonight at home, you’ll love it!


1 16oz ice cold can of Narragansett porter
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream (choose your favorite brand)


In your favorite pint glass pour about 3/4 of the porter. Wait until the head has receeded so there’s enough room for the ice cream. Take a nice size scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream and drop it on top of the porter. Top off with remainder of the porter so there’s a nice head. Place a spoon in the glass and enjoy immediately. Although some like the serving tempature of a porter to be slightly warmer, we recommend using ice cold right from the fridge for this. About 38 degrees so it doesn’t melt the ice cream right away. We also choose vanilla since the porter has strong choclate and espresso notes upfront and a slight vanilla note in the back of the flavor profile. The flavors compliment each other quite nice and the bitterness from the chinook hops is nicely offset by the sweetness from the ice cream. You could use a chocolate or coffee ice cream as well, but these might over power the flavor of the beer. Either way we seriously suggest you try this. In fact, we might make a video out of this soon.