Fish Hamburger

Some of you might be asking yourself what a fish hamburger is. Others are saying, “that’s just a grilled piece of fish on a hamburger bun.” Delicious stuff. You can make this simple with really any fish that’s good for grilling like tuna, sword, bass, blue or even salmon. Salmon burgers are probably the most popular, but for this I went with some fresh yellowfin caught off Cape Cod earlier and the guy at Whole Foods was breaking down that morning. How could anyone resist? We even went fancy and paired this with some Kettle brand cheddar beer chips. Yes this was a tasty lunch washed down with a Cream Ale. Here’s the recipe.

1lb fresh yellowfin tuna steak
Tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 Lime
2 tomato slices
2 1/2 slices of vadalia onion
Handful of fresh green leaf lettuces
2 Hamburger buns
Maty’s Famous Rub Mixture: Black and red pepper, ginger powder, garlic powder, chili powder, dried parsley, dried cilantro, paprika and black sesame seeds. *too your taste and liking.
Small dollop of wasabi (like half of what they give you with a sushi roll)
2 tbsp veganaise

Fire up and clean your grill. I prefer charcoal with those wood briquets because gives the fish a nice smokey seared char to it. Almost a blackened style crisp edge. Whip together the mayo and wasabi in small dish, cover and place in the fridge. I prefer veganaise becuase it pretty much tastes the same, but is lighter on calories and won’t be heavy in your stomach. Rinse the fish in cold water and place on a plate. Shake the EVOO and soy on the fish to simply coat both sides. Slice the lime in half and squezze the juice again coating both sides. Then take a few finger fulls of Maty’s Famous Rub Mixture and rub the spices on both sides of the fish. Make sure to wash your hands before heading outside so you don’t contaminate anything. Using some of the oil and juice on the plate, simply coat the grate with a clean BBQ brush. Now place the fish on the grill pouring any leftover juice and rub from the plate on top and wash your hands again. No kidding. Using tongs flip the fish after about 5 minutes and let the other side grill for 5 more minutes. Depeding on the heat it could be less, but this will give the tuna a nice rare pink-red center. This is the way I like it or you can of course cook it all the way if you prefer. That might take longer per side. Once it’s done to your liking, place the fish on a new clean plate and let it sit while you prepare your bun. Remember the fish will cook a bit while sitting. Cut the buns in half and spread the wasabi mayo mixture on both sides. Cut the fish in half so you have two nice chunks and place each on the buns. Then top with the onion, tomato, lettuce and place the top of the bun on. Cut in half again and place the chips in the middle. Now your ready for a seriously fancy lunch. Best enjoyed with a Cream or Summer Ale.

Dude breaking down the yellowfin at Whole Foods in Dedham, MA. It literally caught that morning off Cape Cod.

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