Beer Ice Cream

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Beer Ice Cream? We’ve blogged about beer floats before, but beer flavored ice cream is like the ultimate step towards summertime refreshment. Merging our favorite summertime treat with an adult beverage is like Heaven in a waffle cone. We stumbled upon the America’s Test Kitchen blog where the author, Louise Emerick, shows us how to actually make beer ice cream at home. Talk about a Cream Ale! Ben & Jerry’s made the Black & Tan flavor with cream stout, but that didn’t last too long. According to Emerick; the beer needs to be malty, not too hoppy and right on the money with the ABV content. We feel our newest Private Stock Imperial Black Steam will be perfect for this and due to hit shelves this week. Emerick used an oak-aged English strong ale, so the ABV of our Imperial would be perfect. Plus the complex flavors of chocolate, raisin and plum from the malts will give this treat that delicious kick. Seems simple enough. All you have to do is simmer it, pour it, chill it, whisk it, stir it, cook it, strain it, mix it, chill it, freeze it, and eat it. Whew! This may take some practicing. Check out for the full recipe and guidelines and try it today. With this heat wave upon us, some beer ice cream is just the thing to relax and refresh with.

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