Name: Sarah
Nickname: Sar, Sarbear
Hometown: Levittown, Pa
High School: Conwell-Egan Catholic
College (if applicable): Bucks County Community College
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Favorite Bar to drink ‘Gansett: El Vez
Favorite type of ‘Gansett: Gansett Lager crisp and refreshing!
Favorite things (random): Being Spontaneous, Dancing, Drinks and good friends, traveling, making people laugh, being with family and Music <3
‘Gansett Girl Since: 2010


on Sarah.
  1. sonya

    Yay for PA girls in new england!!

  2. DaBeach

    Def a good pick Gansett!

  3. Masngud

    American Girl magazine is geread to girls aged 7-13. Much younger than that and many girls aren’t reading at the appropriate level yet. Much older and they may be ready to move on. But honestly I’m surprised to read so many reviews by 10 or 11 year old girls who feel they’re too old for this magazine. I don’t believe girls that age NEED magazines based solely on makeup tricks, flirting with boys, etc. AG has articles such as dealing with relationships with friends. Like when you and your best friend start to grow apart. Or when she moves away. Articles like one about a girl whose family travels around the world on their sailboat for two years. Crafts that you can actually be proud to give at the age of 10. Several reviewer have complained that the magazine is short and expensive. It is. But here’s why: there is NO advertising (short of anything American Girl related). In many magazines, advertising accounts for easily half the pages. And advertising enables publishers to sell magazines for a low cost. AG has no advertising and so has to charge a fair price to produce it. I’m more than willing to pay for that kind of publication. Parents ordering for your daughters, you know your girl. If you’ve got a 10 year old going on 16, this may not be for your child. If you have a precocious 6 year old, she might like it as well. AG is the kind of magazine I’m glad my daughters enjoy.

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