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Name: Niki Luparelli
Nickname: Tricky Niki
Hometown: Worcester, MA
High School: South High
College: University of Rhode Island
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’4″
Favorite Gansett Style: Narragansett Light
Favorite Gansett Bar: Nick’s Bar and Restaurant in Worcester
Favorite things (random): Halloween, cooking with booze, hula hoops, stand-up comedy, karaoke, bleach, champagne, high-end camping, laying in the sun all day.

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on Niki.
  1. Angie

    That’s my girl!!

  2. chips hanson

    Matt, PLEASE save us several of the Niki posters for Narragansett you have posted. And when do I ever gewt my case of bottles laager I wan last Spring? LOL In newport, let me know, bring the posters with the scase please! Happy Holiday to all! CHEERS! Oh, and any cqalenders to be had for the New Year?

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