Miss June, Jamie

*Photos by Corey Greyhorse for Providence Pinup.

Name: Jamie
Nickname: Jam Jam
Hometown: Redondo Beach, California
High School: Narragansett High School
College: Johnson & Wales University
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’3
Favorite Style Of Gansett: The Summer Ale ROCKS!
Favorite Gansett Bar: Ocean Mist – bar-none, hands down, THE BEST New England establishment
Likes: Spontaneous adventures, talking, laughing, dancing like a fool, concerts, traveling, hiking, fish tacos, hot sauce, ice cream, shoes, coffee milk, good conversations with great friends, meeting new people, and everything else that awesome and worth experiencing in  life
Dislikes: Olives, close-minded people, guidos, and everything else that’s LAME and overrated

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