Meet The Girls In The 2014 Hi Neighbor Calendar

This was the best contest ever. After a couple of long weeks for 95 anxious girls, the wait is finally over. We’ve tallied all 4,000 votes and the results are in. Here are the 12 newest ‘Gansett Girls to be featured in our 2014 Hi Neighbor Calendar. Now it’s time to get them in the Suite Tart salon with Providence Pinup. Look for these girls in the calendar and at events this Holiday season.


on Meet The Girls In The 2014 Hi Neighbor Calendar.
  1. lyssa

    I’m so excited congrads to all the ladies

  2. kellie

    Congratulations Lyssa and all you beautiful ladies

  3. HallowJack

    congrats to Liana, Vanessa & the rest.

  4. Lindsey W.

    Congratulations Ladies!!

  5. DJ

    Good luck ladies…not impressed but good luck!!

  6. melissa

    Admin matt,

    will we be notified when all this is going to happy??? Super excited!

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