Meet The Gansett Girls In The 2012 Calendar!

It was a long two weeks, but the votes are in. Below is the gallery of the twelve Gansett Girls that will appear on the pages of the 2012 Hi Neighbor Calendar. Now it’s Providence Pinup’s turn to do what they do best. Transform the 11 winning girls in the pinup fashion and the get photos ready. Just like they did with the 2011 Miss Hi Neighbor Winner, Karlie. Part of her prize was to be featured in the 2012 calendar. We’ll be sure to update with more as the weeks progress and we lead up to the unveiling of the calendar. Thank you for voting and participating. Make sure you say, “Hi Neighbor,” to these gals when you see them at Gansett events throughout New England.


on Meet The Gansett Girls In The 2012 Calendar!.

    Melissa FTW!

  2. Donna Avila

    I vote for Amanda S.!

  3. Will

    Voted for Jamie and she deserved it! Should be the cover girl too!

  4. kyled donlan adams street

    go SAMMI shes the best

  5. |

    Met Melissa on a flight to CA! Had a great visit. What an ambassador for ya’ll. I haven’t tried your beer, but will be working on getting a case to Joplin, MO soon!

  6. |

    Hi Jeremy,
    Now that is some good stuff, neighbor. Melissa is great. You have to enjoy some Gansett next time you are visiting here. We can’t ship any to MO, but how about a calendar? Send us your address or email it to and we’ll send you one.

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