McFadden’s Miss Hi Neighbor Pageant

The Miss Hi Neighbor Pageant took place at McFaddens Saloon in Providence on Saturday, December 5 2009 and was a huge success! Thanks to all 15 contestants for participating and of course all the fans who came out to show their support. Congratulations to Morgan Bickford for winning a year’s supply of ‘Gansett and a photo shoot from Check out the video above of the three finalists, Sarah, Morgan and Melissa.

For the beginning hour, Gansett Girls Erica, Sarah and Lauren walked around the bar recruiting girls to sign up for the pageant. LuLu Locks from Providence Pin-Up was there as well and helped recruit a bunch of girls! We ended up with 15 Gansett loving girls in the pageant. We had all of the girls line up and Ted, the emcee for the evening, went down the line and introduced each of the girls. The pgeant was held in the back room at McFaddens so the Gansett girls cruised the main bar area at McFaddens for groups of guys to come watch the pageant! That back room filled up quick once people knew there was a Gansett Miss Hi Neighbor Pageant going on! After the 15 girls were introduced, the judges narrowed the group down to six girls. The six girls were asked New England trivia questions and based on who got the questions right the group was narrowed down to three. When Sarah, Morgan and Melissa were announced they were given green wrist bands to give to people in the main bar area to try and drum up support for the “Crowd’s choice” determination of the winner. The green wristbands were the Gansett “deal of the night.” If you had a green wrist band then the Gansetts were only $2 (otherwise they were $3). After all of the green wristbands had been given out the “Crowd’s Choice” began. The competition was narrowed down to two girls – Missy and Morgan. The DJ asked the crowd again who they wanted to win and… Morgan won! Morgan introduced herself as a beer connosiour and loves Gansett’s dark and flavorful beer, Narragansett Porter. Overall this was a great night and everyone in the bar had  a great time with the Gansett Girls, LuLu and all of the Miss Hi Neighbor Pageant contestants! Check out the photos below.

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  1. David Giammasi

    Narragansett Porter it was sooo good i loved it but i cant find it in r.i. now im a heavy beer drinking not some nambie bambie collage student who needs to watch the fiqure mine is gone ant coming back bring on the Porter and the Bock please please sell it in R.I.

    ps i love the new gansett girl nice hoots:)

  2. |

    Hi David,
    The Porter is our winter seasonal and is available in various locations throughout RI. Haxtons, Nikkis, Townline are a few of the stores that carry it. Most large package stores will have it and yours doesn’t then just ask. They can always order it. Lili’s, Dohertys, Wild Colonial, Everyman, Avery, Track 84 are some of the bars that carry it as well. The bock is our spring seasonal and will be back.

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