May’s ‘Gansett Girl: Grace


Name: Grace Kelly Mulcahy
Hometown: Newburyport, MA
High School: Manheim Township, Lancaster PA
College: FIT, NYC & PCAD
Hair Color: I’m 100% blonde and loving it
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’8
Favorite things: painting, art, my kitties, traveling, beaches, sideshows, being blonde, sideburns, old cartoons, cat eye sunglasses, and of course drinking Narragansett!
‘Gansett Girl Since: February 5th, 2008

See her in action:


on May’s ‘Gansett Girl: Grace.
  1. TexLeeger

    Elegance and grace. Beauty and perfume.

  2. Woody Chandler

    Howdy, neighbor! I grew up and live in Lancaster City. I do not think that ‘Gansett makes it down to us, but maybe you can bring some on your next visit?

  3. Kilroy

    Kudos to Grace! A beautiful choice for the first ‘Gansett Girl!

  4. |

    There will be plenty more hotties to come, Kilroy! Stay tuned!

  5. Chris

    Grace couldn’t drink a gansett if her life depended on it.


  6. apt one

    worst music i’ve ever heard. you trying to kid?

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