Meet Maryssa, Miss May 2015!

Hometown: da bucket.. er, uh Pawtucket, RI
High School: Saint Raphael Academy
College: RIC grad (Hofstra & URI)
Hair Color: Dark brown, some say black
Eye Color: same as above :-)
Height: 5’2 3/4″ to be exact
Favorite Style of ‘Gansett: I haven’t met a ‘Gansett I didn’t LOVE!
Favorite ‘Gansett Bar: My house!
Likes: Singing, cemeteries, pickles (I can eat a whole jar in one sitting), dive
bars, lobstah, sashimi, raw clams and oysters, drinking beer and wine at the
same time, mix tapes, thunder storms/rain, vinyl records & Halloween
Dislikes: An empty glass, over-cooked meat, old fish, stale wine at a bar,
dream killers/mean people & traffic




Photography by Corey Grayhorse for Providence Pin-Up.