Lulu Locks

IMG_5627Suite Tart and Providence Pinup proprietor, Lulu Locks has been in the ‘Gansett family for years. Lulu’s dedication to preserving the Pinup aesthetic with her unique blend of old-school technique and fashion-forward style made her and her team the best choice when we set-out to create our first Hi-Neighbor ‘Gansett Girl Calendar. With the calendar now heading into its 6th year, Lulu’s work continues to blow us away.

On top of being a style visionary, Lulu is devoted to the Providence community. She supports her fellow neighbors by participating in endless charity functions, organizing special social events that bring attention to local artists, musicians, stylists, and vendors, and is always willing to go out of her way to help neighbors and strangers alike.

Creativity, passion, and being a good neighbor is what it’s all about, and Lulu and the Suite Tart team has an endless supply. So, head on by her salon at 150R Broadway in Providence on any Tall Boy Tuesday, have a ‘Gansett while you get your hair done, and chat style, music, and Providence with Lulu. We guarantee it’s the most fun you’ll have in a salon. Ever.

From our Made On Honor Series: