lucy vineyard 128Name: Lucy Kindred Galbraith
Nickname: “The Buddha”
Hometown: Darien, CT
High School: Nightengale Bamford School
College: Yale University
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5′ 4″
Favorite ‘Gansett Style: Narragansett Lager
Favorite ‘Gansett Bar: Fenway Park or Nancy’s on the Vineyard…

lucy vineyard 128

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on Lucy.
  1. michael danziger

    this woman is stunning. enchanting. she reminds me of a woman in college who taught me the meaning of the word “unrequited” But it can’t be her, because this ‘Gansett girl is in her early 30’s if she’s a day, and my old crush is bit older. Go Girl!!!

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