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Name: LoWreck
Hometown: Billerica, MA / Westford, MA
High School: Westford Academy (it ain’t private, it just sounds fancy)
College: University of Arizona (Tucson)
Hair Color: Black + Blonde (for now…)
Eyes: Bluuuuuuuuue
Height: 5’2?
Favorite Style of Gansett: Tall Boy Lagers
Favorite Gansett Bar: The Silhouette in Allston Rock City, MA (as you can see)
Favorite Things: playing drums in Tijuana Sweetheart, riding bikes, flipping out, wreaking havoc, being sassy, being loud, throwing darts, playing pool, drinking cheap beer and good whiskey, yoga, boxing, getting jacked, motorcycles, fighting, arm wrestling, climbing things, organizing stuff, destroying stuff, cooking stuff, pickling stuff, dehydrating stuff, snakes, monkeys, puppies, the words exacerbate, coagulate and burgled, dreaming, vengeance, obomoboes, tubamabas, saxomophones and tramapolines…


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on LoWreck.
  1. LoWreck

    Apparently I am not sure about my height? Heh.

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