Name: Lee-Anna
Nickname: LA, Lele
Hometown: Sidney, NY (currently in Norwood, MA)
High School: Sidney High School
College (if applicable): Broome CC Binghamton, NY, Empire Beauty School Prov. RI
Hair Color: Light Brown (but changes often)
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’2
Favorite Gansett Style of Beer: Summer <3
Favorite Gansett Bar: Middle East
Favorite things (random): Travel, family, friends, ocean, New England, Bruins hockey, cheerleading, makeup.


on Lee-Anna.
  1. Tom

    Who is this amazing girl and how do get the chance to buy her a ‘gansett?!

  2. Rachel

    Holla! <3

  3. Elise

    Damn you a sexy chick ;)

  4. Scott Burman

    DAAAAAMN! You guys did good this week! She is smokin!

  5. Lori

    This one incredible young woman of which I am proud to call my friend! i also have had a drink or two or three or four with her and I would not be surprised on her next visit home that she brings me one of these beers! cause we cant get it here! Teal wake up!!

  6. Jim

    You look awesome!

  7. jay

    Wonderful person and quite the drinkerr

  8. Bert

    Put Lee-Anna in a calendar!

  9. Pete

    Damn you looking fffffiiiiiiinnnnnnnnneeeeee!!!!!!

  10. paul

    a rockstar and party girl…shes the best of both worlds! doesnt get much better then that

  11. Mary

    Take your top off and have yourself a ‘gansett!

  12. Ryan

    Beautiful!! :-)

  13. Rachel M

    Dang Lee!!!! You look amazing!!!! Next time we do some late night beach drinking it will have to be with a ‘gansett!!!!

  14. Brett

    Picture LA6 is my favorite. Really brings out your eyes and highlights your face.

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