Name: Kathleen Lynch
Nickname: Kat, Kitty
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
High School: Plymouth North
College: Worcester State
Hair Color:  Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’4″
Favorite Style of Gansett: ‘Gansett Light & Lager Bottles
Favorite ‘Gansett Bar: Ralph’s- Worcester, MA
Favorite Things: drive-in movies, beach days, recycling, backpacking adventures, snorkeling, polka dots, running 5k’s, mocha iced coffee, glass artwork, yoga,  occupational therapy, neuroscience, independent radio stations, Wendy’s, Apples to Apples,  & things that make me laugh so hard I snort!
‘Gansett Girl Since: July 2009

Kathleen and Nicki

Kathleen and Kelley

Kathleen 2


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