Joanne And Jessica

You can find both Joanne (left) and Jessica (right) at the merch table for Run For Covers.

Name: Joanne
Nickname: Lola
Hometown: Cranston, RI
Favorite Style Gansett: Bock
Favorite Gansett Bar: The Whiskey Republic
Likes: Bass Players, Tattoos, and UFC!!
Dislikes: Smelly people, Freddy Krueger (ACK!), and Peppers (yuck!)

Name: Jessica Slemons
Nickname: Jess, Slemonade, Miss Jess, Slammins,
Hometown: Upstate NY
Favorite Style Gansett: Gansett Light in a tall boy ?
Favorite Gansett Bar: Is there sexy people? Sunshine? Loud music? ….I’m in.
Likes: Dancing, late dinners with the girls, boys with tattoos, beach days, costumes, Boston Red Sox, my dogs, drinking a beer on a sunny afternoon
Dislikes: close minded people, the word pilaf (I’m serious, it drives me crazy), Monday mornings

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