Name: Erica
Nickname: E Keats
Hometown: West Haven, CT
High School: Sacred Heart Academy
College: URI
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’1″
Favorite Gansett Bar: Just one? Well, nothing like Smokehouse Cafe in Newport during the summer!
Favorite things: Gansett, summer, laughing, dancing, adventures with friends
Gansett Girl Since: June ’08
Fun Fact: Her Birthday is this Friday!

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  1. Nick Mack

    what up waht up! meet u at the Hooties Goodtimes a few weeks ago. cool to see that you posted the pic that you took of my friend Jed and I. If you gott facebook page you should friend request me my email is Keep playin for the best team beer has to offer. hope to run into you gansett girls again. peace out. P.S. happy birthday! From, Nick Mack.

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