Photo by Tiffany K at tkexpressions.com

Name: Elaina
Nickname: Laina, Bunny, or El
Hometown: Originally from Maine but currently Boylston, MA.
High School: Notre Dame Academy
College: Endicott
Height: 5’4″
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Hair: Blonde
Favorite type of Gansett: Lager and Fest!
Favorite Gansett bar: Ralph’s Bar in Worcester
Likes: Yoga, art, animals, kayaking, rock climbing, outdoors, the beach, good beer & good company!
Dislikes: ignorance, meat & war

Photo by James Wilkins at itsajamesfest.com

Photo by James Wilkins at itsajamesfest.com


on Elaina.
  1. Paul

    Ride ’em cowboy!

  2. Da Beach

    Wow. Dope. Nice photos too. Good pick Gansett!

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